Sofia the first micro world party #sofiasmicroworld

Yesterday we took part in the Sofia the first micro world twitter party. 

To do this we were sent a variety of the Sofia the first micro world toys. You can see the review here.

To start the party we had to make some micro food so we set about making quick and easy food with the kids. 

First up was shortcrust pastry biscuits. I get a sheet of shortcrust pastry, sprinkle on sugar and add chocolate chips. Simples. The kids love them.

Next we made micro crispy cakes by meting cooking chocolate and adding rice crispies. As you can see there is a theme on how simple I like to keep it.

We then moved on to the puff pastry and made micro pizzas. Cut the pastry, add tomato ketchup and sprinkle with cheese.

We also used the cutters to make small ham and cheese slices to fit on top of the crackers and served with mini waffles and chicken nuggets.

Whilst the food was cooking we started on the party games. They loved playing pass the parcel but find the eggs was the most competitive and I was really good at hiding them.
We also did some colouring but we had such a fantastic time that we ran out of time and sadly the kids had to head home ready for school. We loved our #Sofiasmicroworld party and look forward to taking part in our next one.