So I didn’t win…

… I honestly thought I had done it, I worked so hard, did so much research and I had a case. A really solid case.

I haven’t yet had the letter that explains why I didn’t succeed all I have received is a letter informing me that my appeal has been rejected.

In one way I am glad because it means that Elizabeth gets to go to the school which is closer, that isn’t catholic and who’s foundation stage is taught use the montessori methods.

I am sad though, I am sad for Elizabeth who has to say goodbye to her friends on Thursday, friends who she may not see again. In September she starts school surrounded by children who might already know each other and she will be the new kid. I hope there are lots of other new kids too.

I would gratefully receive any tips on explaining to my 4 year old that she won’t be coming back to the school she loves and the teachers she has grown fond off. All the teachers are talking about at the moment is going into reception, she assumes she will be going with them.