Fab Family Day out – Manchester Skyride

Today was the Manchester Skyride and we were very lucky to be invited to attend as guests of Sky. We had an amazing day, first we were looked after by the lovely Sky Staff, we had a gorgeous lunch at Duke 92 before I went to have a chat and a photo with the lovely and absolutely stunning Kelly Brook.

Kelly is the face of Skyride on Manchester and her aim is to get people on their bikes and to dispel the idea that cyclists have to wear lycra and look awful. Kelly was wearing a lovely red dress and some really high wedges but she still got on her bike for a cycle around Manchester looking glamorous.

I managed to ask ask Kelly a few questions before she rushed of to sign bibs or whatever she was doing next.

Q. Do you have any tips for busy mums who have to rush out of the house quickly in the morning?

I have an emergency kite which a mini hair brush, a compact mirror and some mints or chewing gum. I also love having a face spray, i love Caudalie Beauty Elixir as it makes me feel refreshed and revitalised.

Q. What would you recommend for cycling whilst staying fashionable?

I love little ballet pumps for cycling along with some Capri pants and then maybe a tie front vest or tshirt. Its very stylish but comfortable and suitable for cycling.

Q. Do you go cycling often?

I love cycling, I ride my bike a lot around London especially around Richmond. I used to love cycling around LA as its such a nice place to ride around.

Interviewing Kelly Brook was a lovely part of the day for me but the girls definitely preferred our chat with Lloyd Warbey from Art Attack. We met Lloyd whilst we were eating our lunch but we caught up with him later when he signed the girls bibs and even drew Mickey Mouse of the bibs for them. Lloyd was lovely and Hubby actually started asking him some questions about Art Attack and how he got involved in it, it was nice to hear that Lloyd used to watch it as a kid and was very excited when he landed the job to present it himself.

We got a chance to have a sneak preview of a new show that will be out on Disney Junior in the autumn called Doc McStuffin who is like a Dr Dolittle but instead of talking to animals she talks to toys. The girls watched the same episode three times so I know that will be a hit in our house. We finished off our time in the Disney Junior area by colouring a Disney Junior character to stick on their fabulous colouring wall.

The best part of the day though was the Skyride itself, Sky had kindly organised some bikes for us so we could take part as a family and the girls loved it. After many years of not cycling it also brought back my love of riding a bike and having the bike extension on the back for Beth made her feel like such a big girl that she was very happy and didn’t want to stop.

Thanks to Sky for such a lovely day and a huge thank you to Lloyd for entertaining my girls and doing drawings for them and to Kelly for allowing me to have the chance to interview her.