Slimming World Friendly Chicken Ramen Recipe

We LOVE Wagamama and we love the Chicken Ramen but I was blown away to hear that what I thought of as a fairly healthy choice was actually 25.5 syns per portion! Anyway because I wasn’t going to not eat Chicken Ramen again I did some investigating. Using a Wagamama cookbook and the Slimming World website plus a google search I came up with a variety of ingredients that if mixed together should turn out something like a Chicken Ramen. Always up for experimenting, I gave it a go.

SW Chicken Ramen cooking


Now I am rubbish at writing recipes because I basically just throw stuff in a pan and hope for the best but here is a list of the ingredients I used

  • 500g Strips of Chicken Breast
  • Light Soy Sauce
  • 1 tsp Chopped Garlic
  • 1 tsp Chopped Ginger
  • 300g Dried noodles (blue dragon Ramen ones are syn free but check values on others, you can use other syn free noodles instead)
  • Chicken stock pot x 2
  • Vegetable stock pot
  • Packet of prepared stir fry vegetables
  • half a packet of beansprouts
  • tin of sweetcorn
  • 4 spring onions chopped
  • 2 red chillis chopped
  • salt and pepper

In a very large saucepan, I cooked the chicken with the chopped garlic and ginger and a good dash of soy sauce. Once cooked I then added the stir fry veg, bean sprouts, noodles, stockpots and enough hot water to cover it all. When the noodles were cooked I tasted the stock and added more soy sauce to my taste, I then seasoned with salt and pepper, threw in the sweetcorn and let it simmer for a few more minutes.

Once the sweetcorn was heated through I served it in bowls and added the spring onions and chillis on top of mine (the girls didn’t want those) and served.

Slimming World Chicken Ramen


I used rice noodles to make my Chicken Ramen and that was the only thing the girls complained about as they said they were a bit thin. Next time I will use ramen noodles.

Elizabeth said that this Chicken Ramen was “almost” as good as the one at Wagamama and to be that is high praise. We will certainly be cooking this again soon.


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