Countdown 69 days to go

So just one day after saying I was 100% going to lose this weight for my cruise and I find myself at the McDonald’s drive through. I ordered a peri peri Chicken wrap which I reckon is about 23.5 syns, eek. However I did get it as a meal so I could have a drink but I gave the fries to the girls and didn’t have any of them so I class that as a win really.

For breakfast I had nectarines, plums and an orange. For lunch I had a tin of Tuna, cucumber sticks, cherry tomatoes and a fat free yogurt.

So the day has had lots of positives, lots of speed food and then a McDonald’s, typical life of a mum really.

This weekend will be a tough one as I have a catered press event at Legoland and a family get together but I am going to pack a picnic and watch what I am eating and keep reminding myself that nothing tastes as good as thin feels (although the person who said that has obviously never tried my aunties puddings)

Wish me luck!