sleeping with your head in a cupboard

The ward we are staying in has definitely thought hard about the fact that children and their parents will be there for long periods of time. Its been a while since I woke up in the morning with no bad back but the memory foam mattresses in our cupboard beds are amazing. In fact the cupboard beds are amazing. I was convinced I had to sleep in a chair and that it really was a wardrobe or cupboard but no it is a great bed. It does feel weird if you put your head in the cupboard end but I just sleep slightly lower down or at the other end.

We had a very busy day today and I cant believe how quickly it has gone. Beth has a bit of a heavy chest which they thought was a chest infection but may just be down to a side effect of the steroids. She isnt coughing or sneezing and apart from a slight temperature she seems fine. She had to have a chest xray just to make sure but everything seemed ok.

She also had another chemotherapy drug today but this one was an injection in her leg. She isn’t due this one again for another three weeks so hopefully she will forget how painful it was but like any vaccine the pain is short lived.

She is still coping amazingly well with being in hospital and has not once said she is bored, she cant wait to stop having her drip in a few days so she can go and have a good play in the playroom. I just cant believe how adaptable she has been.