I didnt know whether to write this yet but I need to write it, I need to get today out of my head and into words.

Two weeks ago today, Elizabeth seemed a bit tired, a bit hot and well a bit under the weather. We went to Lollibop, we went to Butlins, we went to Peppa Pig world each time we thought that she seemed a bit more whingy, a bit more tired and just generally not right. Last Friday I took her to a NHS walk in centre, they said she was coming out of a viral infection so I left. On Sunday I noticed bruises that were very dark purple, on Monday they had spread out and we blue and green but they were huge.

First thing Tuesday morning I got her into the doctors, once again they said she had a viral infection but when asking for a second opinion because of the bruises the second doctor recommended a blood test. I was given a number to phone and was told the next appointment was on the 2nd October! I was not having that, I phoned the local hospital for there blood department (I always have to go to the vampires who work there for my bloods to be done) but they didnt do paediatric blood tests, I phoned paediatric outpatients, I phoned paediatric a & e. No-one could help me so I went back to my doctors. I got an appointment for this morning for the healthcare assistant to take the blood test but then received a call from the receptionist to say because she is under 6 she wasnt able to do it. I then received a call from the doctor who had been talking to a specialist at the Royal Manchester Childrens hospital and they wanted to get her into pediatric a & e to take the blood and wait for the results.

That was this morning, this evening we are sat in the Oncology and Hematology ward. Elizabeth had Acute Leukemia.

Yep I was shocked too. A routine blood test that I pushed for is actually Leukemia. I am lucky that she is actually well in herself with only the tiredness and bruises showing up this awful disease for now she doesnt know that she is really ill which is a blessing. Elizabeth has had a hard day today being prodded and poked but tomorrow will be harder. Tomorrow she will have Bone Marrow taken as well as a lumbar puncture and the first dose of Chemotherapy. Tomorrow I will find out what type of Leukemia she has. Tomorrow I will wake up next to my daughter in hospital. Tomorrow I wake up as a parent of a seriously sick child.

Im not sure what the next few day or weeks will bring but I know that you my readers and my community are there for me and for that I thank you. I know I can tell you everything and you will be there for me. I know you will read and you will think of us and pray for us. I know this because you are a fantastic bunch of people who show so much love and so much care for people you have never met and in you I find the strength to sit her crying the tears I have held back because right now whilst my daughter is sleeping there is people messaging me support and I find that to be like there is someone standing behind me at all times with a supportive hand resting on my shoulder. I am going to try to sleep now, good night.