She could have died

I took my eyes of her for just a few seconds. She was right behind me splashing around. The next thing I know someone is handing her too me, she had a blue tinge to her lips and seemed to be a bit shocked.

This is what happened on Sunday, we were at our local swimming pool. Elizabeth had taken her arm bands off just a minute before and was playing just behind me, next thing she steps of the ledge in the pool and I didn’t even notice.

Thankfully there was a man with his children right next to us and when she didn’t come to the service he reached into the water and pulled her out. Just a few seconds that’s all it was but it could have been a tragedy. I don’t even want to think about all the things that could have gone wrong and all I was doing was looking out into the pool to find my hubby and Alison. Its so scary that these things could happen and obviously having lifeguards at a pool doesnt actually mean these things don’t happen but as a parent you relax a bit more with them there especially a pool you go to a lot.

Having read news stories of such accidents I know that it will take a lot for me to take my eyes of her again.