Sex after Babies

You see that title up there? That means friends/family stop reading now. You do not want to know what I am going to write about and I do not want to look you in the eye knowing that you have read this post.Your still here aren’t you.

There that distracted them. Now where was I oh yes intercourse after Babies.I know all the stories about not making love after you get married but no one ever told me that it isn’t the signing of the marriage certificate that turns off all the desires. Oh no this started way before the ink was even put to paper.

I always knew that I wanted two children and I always knew that nookie was not just an enjoyable experience but one that brings about the birth of said children. What I didn’t know is that once you have had your said number of children your body decides that you don’t need to shag anymore and to help you preserve energy that is needed elsewhere it just shuts those desires off.

Now I know that life is a pain in the arse, it always gets in the way and if you do try to set the mood then something is bound to go wrong. One of the kids will wake up crying or being sick all over the place or the phone will ring with some company trying to help you reclaim your ppi or your annoying neighbour deciding that it is the perfect time to start blasting out Smack your bitch up, which is definitely not the sort of music you want for a lovely romantic roll in the hay. However there is just no excuse. Wake the hell up you stupid body, I want my desire back, even fifty shades of grey couldn’t put me in the mood and that would work for a granny. All I want is to feel horny again, I want the anticipation, the joy and well the orgasms would be good too. Thanks to, my partner and I were able to learn a lot of great stuff from their blog that made this possible.

I need to get this sorted, I realised the other day that it has been over a year!!!! A YEAR!

I never used to be able to go a day without having a bit of how’s your father. Now the kids have come along I don’t even want a fiddle let alone a full on bonk. Now I don’t want to make anymore babies but I wouldn’t mind making the beast with two backs at least once in a while.

So whilst the sexy lingerie gathers dust in the drawer and the handcuffs lie rusting on the window sill I need to look into other ways to get me in the mood for a good old rodgering. I have try erotic fiction, a bit of pampering and even some adult toys so the only thing left to try is something chemical. I wonder if UK Medix do womens viagra? I certainly don’t need any for hubby, having a toy boy has its disadvantages, or advantages if you can get in the mood.

So what I want to know is when you don’t feel like a bit of bump and grind what do you do to keep you humping?

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