Selling my Soul (and my blog)

You may or may not have noticed that my blog has become a pimping ground for lots of different companies. All of them are companies I am happy to have been associated with and all of them paid handsomely. You see the thing is I have been saving all the sponsored link money to do something fantastic for my family and something fantastic for me.

With all the crap that has happened over the past year I wanted to find a way to treat the girls to some great days out and make some great memories. I got an email into my spam mailbox from Merlin about the January sale that they have on their annual passes. If I could make enough money and make my way to one of their attractions before Thursday 31st January I could get a standard pass for £74 or a premium pass for £90 and because Elizabeth is classed as disabled we also get a free carers pass so we can have someone accompany her on days out too.

So I have been emailing and begging for sponsored content and guess what, I had enough money to buy the passes and my ticket to Cybher!

Just a few more posts and I will have a hotel and travel booked too. Plus a few extra little days out for the girls.

So as much as I apologise for clogging up your rss feed or email with all my sponsored posts I know it will have been worth it.