Back to School Roundup

With the kids back at school I am looking at some of the products available for the new school year.


Miffy Stationary

Stationary seems like a really important part of the back to school feel. No one wants last years pencils. I am not sure why. They are perfectly good pencils but we all like shiny new things. I remember looking longingly at stationary when I was in high school. As though choosing the perfect pencil case and backpack could decide my fate in the year ahead. Would I be popular or would people laugh at my choice.
Now I realise no one ever really laughed at anyones choice of stationary and practicality is really the key. That is why I love this Miffy pencil case. The flap opens to reveal two pen holder slots and a zip to the large storage area. Two pens easily accessible at all time. Now its just a case of finding the perfect pens.


Lego Lunchbox

This little beauty of a lunchbox and drinks flask had a lot of interest on my facebook feed. It seems however that this should be a back to school present for mum. Maybe for you to take to the office or to hide your special chocolates and gin?

Whatever the uses the flask is well made and leak proof (I tested) and to make it easy to clean the bottom unscrews so you wont get that horrid musty smell after a few uses.

The lunchbox is quite hard for little hands to open and therefore not suitable for Elizabeth (she is only 5) but this means it is perfect for storing my own little treats knowing that she cant get in without adult help.

These would make great lunch accessories for the older child who loves quirky products.


Marks and Spencers School Uniform

Back to school just wouldn’t be complete without the new school uniform.

For me quality is always worth paying for and yet where Marks and Spencers are concerned I was surprised at how low the prices are. This Girls’ Traditional Skirt with Permanent Pleats is only £9. It looks a bit creased in the picture because it has been worn for three days and just look at those perfect pleats!

Elizabeth also loves the fact that it has a small pocket which is unusual for girls school skirts.


Bento Lunch boxes

Now these are the lunchboxes that parents dreams are made off. The perfect size for primary school with two storage boxes to hold your fruit and vegetable options. The main compartment also has a lid so could be used for a nice pasta salad as well as a sandwich or wrap. Whatever you choose to put into the lunchbox it comes with a fork and spoon to help the children eat it.

The girls have both got one of these and so far we have used the fruit side for orange segments, grapes and strawberries and the vegetable side for cherry tomatoes, cucumber and olives. They are the perfect portion size for children and the girls love having everything nice and neat and organised.

We will be looking into frugal lunch box meals over the coming months so expect to see more pictures of our Bento Lunch boxes in action.