8 Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Cosmetic Dentist in London

For most people, it takes a fair bit of courage to fight the trepidations to make their way to a cosmetic dentist’s office. After all, their decision will permanently impact their appearance and smile. There is also a cost implication. Cosmetic dental procedures are usually expensive and it’s easy to go overboard when you are at the dentist’s office.

The key to sidestepping procedures you cannot afford and choosing an underqualified cosmetic dentist is to ask the right questions. Don’t shy away from asking tough questions because at the end of the day it’s your body and your money on the line. It’s also highly recommended to book several consultations before settling on a cosmetic dentist you can trust.

Is the Cosmetic Dentist and the Clinic GDC Compliant?

General Dental Council or GDC is an UK-based organization that monitors and sets standards for all practicing dental professionals. This includes regular dentists, hygienists, and cosmetic dentists. Apart from asking the dentist if he or she is GDC compliant, it’s also very easy to do a background check on your own. Simply head over to the official GDC website and enter the name or registration number of the London cosmetic dentist.

What’s the Diagnosis?

While this may seem obvious, you will be surprised how many patients forget to ask this very basic question. Right from diastema (abnormally large gaps between teeth) to malocclusion (misalignment of teeth), even the most trivial cosmetic dental issues have specific medical names. Once you know the specific dental issue you are much more equipped to find alternatives and do general research.

What’s the Cost and Details of the Cosmetic Procedure Recommended?

Once the cosmetic dentist performs a thorough diagnosis, he or she usually recommends one or more cosmetic procedures to mitigate the problem. Some dentists use animated videos to explain the procedure in detail. Don’t be afraid to ask the full cost of the procedure and if there are any flexible payment options available. Most cosmetic dental clinics in London offer finance for expensive procedures.

What Are the Alternative Procedures That Can Fix the Same Problem?

Once you know what the dentist recommends, it’s important to find out if there are alternative procedures. This may help you find something that’s more affordable or safer.

How Many Repeat Sessions Would It Take to Complete the Procedure?

Some cosmetic dental procedures require repeat consultations. This is why it’s important to choose a local cosmetic dentist. Many dentists have cosmetic Dental practice in Sidcup for people living in South London. There are also no shortages of clinics in other parts of London.

What Are the Possible Risk Factors?

No procedure is without risk and as the patient, you should be made fully aware of the risks involved. It’s also highly recommended to do some independent research to fully understand what you are signing up for. Speaking to patients who have undergone the same procedure can definitely help.

How Long Is the Effect of the Procedure Going to Last?

It doesn’t really make sense to undergo an expensive procedure if it lasts only a few months. For your reference, following are a list of dental procedures and how long their results typically last. It’s important to note that these are approximations and your dentist is always the best guide.

Veneering 10 Years Teeth Whitening 2 Years

Inlays and Outlays 20 to 30 Years

Dental Implants 10 to 15 Years

Dental Bonding 3 to 10 Years

Dentures 5 to 10 Years

Will You Get Access to Before and After Photos of Patients Who Underwent the Same Procedure at the Same Clinic?

Cosmetic dental clinics in London with more than a few years of experience should have before and after photos of patients who have undergone various procedures. Ask your dentist for the before and after photos of people who have undergone the exact same procedure you are considering.