LEGO Movie 2 – New LEGO sets

Arriving back from Toy Fair on Thursday I was really excited to see a delivery from the lovely people from LEGO. Inside the box was three of the new LEGO Movie 2 sets. The LEGO Movie 2 is due for release on 8th February and we can’t wait to go to see it.

The first of the three sets that Alison built is set 70821 Emmet and Benny’s “build and fix” workshop. Suitable for ages 4+, this set comes with some larger pieces that are reminiscent of the LEGO Junior sets.

The set includes both Emmet and Benny Minifigures. You can build two vehicles as well as a gas station and tool trolley with 9 tool elements. Benny’s spaceship has foldout boosters and a removable space buggy. Emmet’s escape buggy features a flame exhaust element.

The second set is Emmet’s Thricycle set 70823 and is suitable for ages 7+. The Thricycle is a 3 wheeled vertical vehicle with foldout stabilizers. The set includes a small fuel station a catapult function. The set comes with a Emmet minifigure and a weird brick character with a mouth that moves and a rotating eye.

The Third and final set is my favourite. Set 70825 is Queen Watevra’s Build Whatever box. The set comes with 5 bags of bricks and 5 different instruction booklets.

Each of the five bags features 3 different characters which allow you to build Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi into 15 different forms plus some inspiration to make up your very own creations. I love sets that really inspire the imagination and after playing with this set we are even more excited for the LEGO Movie 2.

I am sure that once the LEGO Movie 2 film hits the cinema screens these sets will make more sense and that they will release even more amazing LEGO sets that will help to support the adventures of Emmet and his friends.