Puppy In My Pocket party

Earlier this week we hosted a Puppy In My Pocket party in our house with some Puppy In My Pocket toys and accessories that we were sent. The party was to celebrate the launch of series 2 and the new Kitty in My Pocket products.


Hosting a Puppy In My Pocket party for kids means that we had to have lots of entertainment on hand and sometimes people can go a bit over the top with kids parties. For this party we had wordsearches, colouring sheets  and even some cards which could be used for a memory game or for playing snap. These sorts of things are great for parties where you have less than 10 young kids as they can quite happily swap what they are doing every 5 or 10 minutes.

If you are looking to host a kids party then you can usually find printables like these available on the internet that you can download for free to go along with any theme.

When it came to food a few simple tricks can transform food into something to match your theme. I used pepperoni to turn these cheese pizzas into puppies and kittens and they went down a treat.

After food it was time to play with all of the Puppy In My Pocket toys that we were sent. We had a mixture of both boys and girls at our party ranging from 4 to 8 years old and they all absolutely loved playing with the Puppies and Kittens as well as the different playsets.



Elizabeth loved the special pug figure with a tutu on it and she has declared that this is her favourite character. All of the other children enjoyed opening the blind bags and learning the names and breeds of all of the characters that we received.

This was a great idea for a kids party and one that meant they were all able to take some figures home with them as well as which was a great alternative to a party bag.