How to be Prepared for a new Addition to the Family

Finding out that you are pregnant is an exciting time but it is also a stressful time as a new addition to the family means lots of changes. The new addition will also come with a recommended list of “essential” items that just seems to get longer and longer as time goes on. Having had two children I learnt the hard way. 

For Elizabeth, I read all the books and magazines and I used one of these tick lists to fill my house full of everything I could possibly have needed. I had a baby first aid kit, more bottles than she could have used in a week, baby monitors in every room and some special nappy disposal system that was described to be the ultimate must-have addition to a nursery. By the time I had Alison, I had come to the realisation that most of it was still unused and taking up precious space.

So here are my top tips for what essentials to buy for your baby. Anything else is a luxury but not necessary.

Somewhere to sleep

Forget Moses Baskets and Cribs all you really need is a cot or even better a cot bed. I mean you are going to have one anyway so why not just start off using that. Most Moses baskets and Cribs are only big enough for the first month or so anyway so it seems like a bit of a waste. I would also look at baby sleeping bags or swaddle blankets over normal blankets as this will keep your baby warm all night.

Cots come in all shapes, sizes and prices so do your research and find one that you love. Internet research can help you find a really good deal.

Something to eat

Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding you will need some equipment but try not to get too much. A steriliser and bottles or a breast pump and nursing bras should see you through. Although you can add all sorts of bibs etc I found that muslin clothes were the perfect accessory no matter where we were or what we were doing.

Something to wear

When it comes to buying baby clothes I would recommend getting a lot of all in one sleepsuits and vests, they basically live in these. Stay away from mittens as they just fall off and instead use baby socks to cover their hands to stop them from scratching themselves. You will receive a lot of gifts for your new addition so why not ask people to buy clothes for you, check out the gorgeous baby clothes at Strawberry Clothing. If it is winter you can get a winter all in one but remember it is not safe for your baby to be strapped into a car seat wearing one of these so layers of blankets and a warm hat are definitely better.

Something to travel in

If you have a car then a car seat is essential, look for one that will last you a while and is suitable from birth to four years. These usually have a tilting facility that is fabulous even as the kids get older and it can be placed forwards or backwards in the car.

You may also want a pushchair although many people use wraps or baby carriers. I loved my Moby wrap when the girls were young and hardly ever used the pushchair in the early days. Really think about what you want from a pushchair and do your research reading lots of reviews to see what others thought about it too. I would then recommend heading into a showroom to have a play with them. One of our favourites was a lightweight stroller that folded down really small similar to the Triv which you can see in this new article. It was great for travelling and easy to manoeuvre around shops and in small spaces.

So there you have it my Essential Baby list with a few hints and tips along the way. Do you think I have missed a real essential? Is there something you couldn’t have been without?