Pregnancy does weird things to your body

Now I would like to clarify that this is not an announcement but more a look back at how much my body has changed since I had children. Alison turned eight a few months ago and I really had thought I might have been back to normal by now but hey who knows what normal is anymore. I remember reading all the books about pregnancy, glowing skin, a patch of morning sickness and the wonderful feeling of having a baby inside you but they definitely missed a few things.

Now a lot of things came as a complete shock to me whilst I was pregnant, the inability to get comfortable, the constant sore boobs, the way everyone wanted to stroke my stomach! Growing a baby was hard and my body still carries the war wounds and I am not even talking about my C-Section scar. With more lines on my belly than the London underground and a flappy bit of skin that I don’t think will ever shrink I have come to accept that some of the physical attributes I have were made by my two daughters. As much as I made them they helped to change part of me.

It wasn’t just my skin that suffered, my hair was awful. Huge clumps fell out and the rest of it became really dry. I was even looking at hair transplant costs because it was so bad. As well as my hair breaking I also found that my nails became really brittle and were snapping all the time. I also found that my eyesight got worse during Pregnancy. If this persists after your pregnancy, you should get your eyes tested and try toric contact lenses. These were just a few of the Pregnancy symptoms that I was not expecting. I mean we all know about stretch marks and morning sickness but why are we not warned about hair loss and haemorrhoids?

Did you suffer any Pregnancy side effects that you were not expecting?