Bring home hotel comforts and style without breaking the bank

We’ve all visited a beautiful hotel on one of those rare evenings away from the children. Is there anything better than after a busy day sightseeing in a new city than relaxing in a beautiful hotel room afterwards? But have you ever considered replicating a stunning hotel room? And we’re not talking budget motels either! Bringing home the hotel comforts and style can be easy with these tips.

From beautiful furniture – click here for some inspiration – to matching curtains and linens, we can get you started! Here’s the lowdown on how you can bring home a bit of luxury, without breaking the bank.

Your bedroom

Essentially, the bedroom is the one room that you should not skimp on. Sadly, it is the room that most homeowners ignore since guests don’t see it! The bed should take centre stage when you are looking to replicate luxury hotel comforts. Think of all the hotels that you have visited — the bedroom is always well-designed with matching bedding, pillows and curtains. Start with a supportive mattress and then layer it in the luxury of plump down pillows, Egyptian cotton sheets (buy the highest thread count that you can afford), and a down comforter.

The bed should be fit for a King/Queen and outfitted with a plush headboard that you can lay your head against. Everything in a hotel is carefully planned out and the design is meticulous. The bedroom always has two side tables and side lamps, a desk, a couple cosy chairs with quaint side tables, a gorgeous armoire for clothing, and usually a television that is well-hidden inside a beautiful armoire or cabinet.

And don’t forget the little chocolate on the pillow!

Turn your bathroom into a spa (on a budget of course)

The bathroom is one of the most important features of your hotel stay. So, it’s right that you should want to replicate this at home. When we think of hotel bathrooms we usually conjure up images of a glass-enclosed walk-in shower with full-body jets and an equally strong shower head. A jacuzzi tub, and a double set of deep sinks with large mirrors – the list is endless!

But you don’t have to completely remodel your bathroom to get that spa feeling. At the most, you could replace your shower head and taps for something grander and more powerful. But the minimal touch can work just as well. Make your bathroom a minimal space. Find storage for your toiletries elsewhere to remove the clutter. Purchase aromatic candles to set the mood – and don’t forget the thick, fluffy towels and beautiful bathrobe. Hotel comforts are all about the fluffy towels.

Introducing greenery

The very best hotels have flowers and greenery in every room. On a budget, you can still easily attain this green aesthetic by simply adding some houseplants. Orchids are elegant, gorgeous and they continue to bloom in cycles. A large palm plant can make a huge impact when placed in an entryway in a stunning planter.

In addition – a vase filled with spindly twigs, or a bowl filled with acorns, river stones or glass, are all wonderful ways to bring a touch of life to your home.