Potters Resort – first impressions

Having driven all the way from Manchester for a holiday at Potters Resort we all arrived a bit grumpy and fed up, it had been a long old drive and the last 30 minutes was particularly arduous as the kids started to get restless. However we pulled in to Potters Resort and parked up, I left Gaming Daddy of Two and the kids in the car whilst I went to check-in, more for a break for my sanity than anything else. The resort looked tidy and well maintained and I quickly found my way to the check-in desk where the lovely Donna was happy to check me in and we had a good long chat about what a blog is, how it works and all about the girls. She was extremely helpful and she set the tone for the rest of the staff. After finding a parking space near the closest external door to our room we made our way inside the hotel. We are on the top floor and the first thing I noticed was the size of the rooms.

The bathroom was particularly impressive with his and her sinks and enough space to swing a cat if you were inclined to do so that is. In fact, it is so unusual to have so much space in a hotel bathroom that the girls wanted to play in there!

After we unpacked it was already time for dinner so we made our way to the garden restaurant where we were shown to our table. All guests are allocated a table which is yours for the break, this means in the morning we can walk straight in and go to our table and in fact all the meals for the rest of our stay. It is a nice touch and something the kids will love as they always like sitting in the same space.

Dinner was fabulous with a three-course table service menu for grown-ups plus two options on the self serve counter and the kids had a self serve buffet with three or four choices plus ice cream for pudding. The food was nice and better than most mass catered restaurants we have tried. I don’t really enjoy a restricted menu and struggled to choose but the vegetable moussaka was enjoyable and the vegetables that accompanied it were nicely cooked. I did miss a salad bar but looking ahead at the weeks menu there is a salad bar available each lunchtime so I will enjoy sampling that tomorrow.

After dinner, we headed to the Terrace Bar where the girls were welcomed into the Bamboozle club which is for 2 to 8-year-olds. They all introduced themselves, did some dancing, played some games and generally had fun

When Bamboozles had finished we headed across to the Atlas theatre for the evenings’ entertainment. The big show starts at 9:30 which is quite late for the girls so we only watched a bit of it but from what we saw the entertainment was really high quality and we look forward to catching more of the late shows during the week.

So what would I change?

Well, wifi in the room would be really useful especially with me hoping to catch up on work and keep up the blog in the evenings but I got around that by tethering to my phone. Free Wifi is available in the main communal areas like the bars, restaurants etc.

The only other issue is not knowing the opening times of the pool and other facilities from the paperwork I was given on arrival. We love swimming so knowing when it is open is quite important and as soon as we went to our room I had a look to find out but ended up having to ask reception. It’s not such a big deal but I love being able to plan and knowing when things are open makes my life a lot easier.

We are really excited for the rest of the break and I look forward to reporting back on the facilities, food and the comfort of the bed which is definitely one of the most important things in a hotel. As I can currently hear snoring from the rest of my family i think it is time to go to bed.

I will report back again soon