Potters Leisure Resort – Day two

Waking fresh for the day in my comfy bed after only falling asleep gone 1am after deciding to fill in our tax returns whilst online I was surprised to find no aches and pains. Maybe my back ache is not to do with my impending 30th Birthday but more to do with our bed?

We showered (lovely!) and dressed and headed to breakfast. With a hot and cold buffet option plus table service for porridge, kippers and mackerel we all managed to fill our tummies. The sausages were particularly enjoyed and I will definitely be eating more of those as the week goes on. The coffee was fantastic and not instant which makes a huge difference to a coffee addict like me and generally breakfast was a success.

After breakfast we had a walk and found the Potters Panda bus which is a soft play area in a bus, the girls loved it as it had a slide, ball pit and lots of other things I couldn’t see as I was too big to go upstairs.

After the bus we headed over to the sports hall to play on the bouncy castle, we also had the chance to go on the assault course but neither of the girls were up for that. I hope they change their mind as the week goes on as I was desperate to have a go!
At half past ten we headed to the Playdium, which i had to as directions too as its not on the map, for a Bamboozles craft session. The girls had great fun making their own books, medals and wristbands. They had loads of fun and we enjoyed watching them.

After arts and crafts it was time for lunch, the salad bar was exactly what we wanted and Alison and I enjoyed piling our plate full of salad, olives, beetroot and coleslaw.Elizabeth had plain pasta with a small amount of tomato sauce and I just had to try some of the kids chips as they looked too good and Adam stuck to the three course option with soup, steak and kidney pudding (which looked and tasted amazing) and a pudding. Both girls chose rice pudding for dessert whilst I opted for a toffee crunch which was amazing!

To burn of some of the calories we headed to the swimming pools. There are two indoor pools on resort and they were not very busy. There are no slides, waves or water features but this is not a bad thing and our girls loved having the space to actually practice swimming. Alison decided she wanted some goggles so we used the shop connected to the pool and it had a great selection of swimming essentials so if you did forget something you would be covered.  Daddy loved the jacuzzi, sauna and steam room which have all recently been refurbished to a very high standard.

After Swimming we headed to the terrace bar where we were just in time for Hoy Bingo. Bingo cards cost £1 per person and was based on playing cards. After explaining the different suits to the girls we enjoyed playing three rounds. We didn’t win but we were very impressed with the girls number and card recognition, particularly Elizabeth who needed no help at all.

After bingo was afternoon races, we hadn’t planned to stay but it looked interesting and the girls wanted to join in. We watched four pre recorded dog races and bet £1 per dog on the outcome. With all four of us having a go each it cost me £16. Neither Gaming daddy of two or I won but the girls cleaned up and managed to win our money back, unfortunately it is in their pockets not mine!

We decided to rest up before dinner and went back to our room. The girls watched some children’s tv for an hour and I caught up on some emails. Before we knew it we were heading back to the restaurant for dinner. The day had gone so quickly! The dining room is stunning and we have a great table on the balcony so the girls enjoy watching everyone below.
After a busy day the girls decided to call it a night without going to kids club or watching the show so I snuck off for a game of cash bingo before retiring for the night.

The weather looks good for tomorrow so we are hoping to explore the grounds and the beach as well as see what other new things we can do. I will let you know how we get on!