Portable North Pole


If you have kids and you love Christmas then no doubt you have heard about the Portable North Pole. Why have a letter from Santa Claus when you can have a video message instead?

I have been using the Portable North Pole for video messages for the last two years and every year it gets better and better. This year is no exception. I made it so Elizabeth was a naughty/nice child and he warned her that although she is on his good list she needs to work hard to stay there. The look on her face was a picture and she has been on her best behaviour since. One mention of the fact Santa and his Elves are watching

The detail that has gone into the videos this year is fantastic and of course as with previous years its completely free. Now I didn’t get asked to share this with you but I think that the deals they have on extended products is brilliant. For £2.99 you can have an extended video but for £4.49 you can have all that and a 2 minute phone call from Santa.

How well behaved would your kids be if Santa phoned them to check they were being good?