Gruffalo Trunki & Chums competition

Over on Mummy Constants blog there is a great competition to reword the story the gruffalo, I am not sure if this is what she was looking for but I had great fun doing this.

Tired Mummy took a stroll through a dark london street.
A Man saw tired Mummy and she looked such a treat.
“Where are you going very tired Mummy?
Come & have fun, you look very Yummy .”
 ”It’s very kind of you, Man, don’t fuss –
I’m drinking dinner with Mammasaurus.”

 ”Mammasaurus? Who’ the hells that?”
“Mammasaurus! Why its Annie Spratt?
She has fiery hair, and a scary grin
And she always drinks gin in a tin”
“Where are you meeting her?”
“In the pub where else silly,
And her favourite food is small man willy.” 

 ”Small Man Willy! I’m off”. Man squeaked
“Goodbye, Tired Mummy,”  and off he leaped
“Silly little Man! Hasn’t he sussed,
Shes not that scary that Mammasaurus?”

Hehe sorry Annie, I am sure you will see the funny side though. If you want to know what the real Mammasaurus is like you could always head over to her blog.