Paypal, making my Christmas Magical #PaypalMoments

This Christmas Paypal are trying to make Christmas magical by asking people to share their magical moments with them on their Facebook page using the Magical Moments App. There are lots of prizes to be won each week and that’s not all, if you use Paypal to buy your Christmas gifts you could win back the money you spend, up to £1000, in their Win Christmas competition.

Now I use Paypal a lot, especially at Christmas time as I hate traipsing the shops looking for all the last minute bits or the gifts for those awkward people that you just cant think what to buy them. However, as much as I hate it I usually find myself jostling with the crowds, listening to those awful Christmas songs in shops full of smiley cashiers, in their dreadful jumpers with tinsel in their hair. OK I’m now starting to sound like a grinch. I love Christmas but I just hate Christmas shopping. Thankfully Paypal have come to my rescue this year and have challenged me to do my Christmas shopping through online retailers that allow me to use Paypal. To help out they have loaded some spending money onto my account. They then want me to create some Magical Christmas Moments as a family in the time I saved by not having to go shopping. To be fair it sounded like a dream come true to me but is it really possible? Thankfully Paypal have a handy list of where to shop that showed me some fantastic websites that I would have forgotten otherwise.

Shopping for the girls is fairly easy as Paypal is accepted in both Argos and Toys R Us which is pretty much where all of their presents are coming from although you can also buy from Disney Store and The Entertainer which both have some fabulous offers on at the moment. I did also purchase some Frozen themed items on Ebay from Hong Kong. I wouldn’t normally do this but because of the Paypal guarantee I know that if the items don’t arrive or are poor quality then my money is safe. 

One thing I usually go to the shops for is the kids stocking fillers however as I can use Paypal in The Works as well as Baker Ross and Hawkins Bazaar I have been able to order all the bits I could possibly need. 

Next up was Gaming Daddy of Two, high up on his list is obviously some of the latest games so I was really happy to see Game in the list of retailers as that makes getting his main present easier. I also normally get him some new clothes so having Sports Direct and Blue Inc in the list means I can get him some new t shirts, jeans and jumpers. 

When ordering the girls stocking fillers from The Works I also added in an awful lot of wrapping paper and cellotape so I shouldn’t even need to do any last minute dashes to the shop for wrapping paper. 

Now I know that Gaming Daddy of Two is not very good at buying me Christmas presents so I usually take it upon myself to buy a few for him to wrap up, with this in mind I placed an order at Hotel Chocolat for some of my favourite sweet treats, I have ordered a Lush gift set to get me smelling festive and looking sparkly and I also added a few treats for myself from Boots into my basket where I am still looking for the last few presents for some of our friends, there is so much choice and the 3 for 2 on gifts keeps tempting me to buy even more. All in all I may not have done very much work today whilst the kids were at school but my Christmas list is almost complete and I have stayed warm, dry and had my feet up the whole time. All I have to do now is find us some Christmas outfits, I reckon the Christmas Jumpers from Deadly Christmas jumpers would be perfect, what do you think?

Ok so maybe I need to keep looking. In the mean time I think it might be time for a takeaway, did you know you can use Paypal for that too?

We will be using the time I saved shopping online with Paypal and spending the weekend as a family creating some Magical Moments together, I can’t wait to share them with you.