Our adventures in craft thanks to Zack and Quack

On Friday we hosted a Zack and Quack Twitter party and it was THE best twitter party I have ever held because it got the girls being creative.

Those of you who follow my blog would have noticed a distinct lack of craft posts, I just don’t have a creative bone in my body so being sent a large amount of craft materials and letting them choose what to make seemed like a nightmare for me.

Luckily with Hubby on hand and some very basic craft supplies the kids completely astounded me.
Th teamwork involved in the craft activity was fantastic and Hubby only got involved with the parts that needed adult intervention. We stopped our craft session to watch the Zack and Quack show on Nick Jr at 4:30pm and the girls really enjoyed it especially the idea of the pull tabs changing the story.

The whole craft party was amazing and the girls had so much fun and I have realised that giving them free range with lots of craft materials allows them to make amazing
things together and I will stand back and allow them to give it a go more often.
Even the cat has enjoyed the castle this weekend and has decided that he is the king now!
We look forward to watching more episodes of Zack and Quack together and hope it will inspire us in more creative adventures.