Moshi Monsters Moshlings Series 9 Countdown – Day 13 Posy


Name and Species  Posy the Forgetful Fairy

Sweet, dreamy, puckish.

Mini Bio

If you see a Forgetful Fairy fluttering around in circles it’s probably trying to remember the way home. You see these cute little Moshlings can cast powerful spells, sprinkle fairy dust and even freeze time, but they are forever forgetting the simplest things, leaving the bath running and losing their keys.

Habitat: Sparkle Nook near Copperfield Canyon but some Forgetful Fairies are attracted to beanstalk sap.

Sewing daisy chains and brewing nectar.

Fly swats and glockenspiels.

Rank: 149
            Rarity: Ultra Rare

Elizabeth loved Posy and thinks it is very funny that a fairy with such fantastic magic could forget so much and how does she remember the spells if she is so forgetful?