O.M.G We are so excited

Tomorrow is the day we have been waiting for. Tomorrow we will be going on the train to London to go to Moshi Monster HQ. We were invited to attend Moshi Monsters 5th Birthday party, so me and the girls will be whisking ourselves of down to London and then enjoying a spot of Afternoon Tea at the Cavendish before making our way to the party of the year.

Going on the train with the girls requires some preparation and I know I am going to need to take something to occupy them for the whole two hours so I reckon my laptop and a couple of films should do that. Thankfully I now have my Nexus so I can continue messing about on social media, I mean working, whilst the girls are watching their films.

I think I must be mad going with them by myself but Hubby couldnt take time off work and I couldn’t let them miss this opportunity out of selfishness. I have two very excited children who are Moshi Monsters crazy and this party will create some amazing memories for them.

However the idea of going there and back in one day would undoubtedly be a nightmare so I am happy to announce that The Cavendish have also agreed to let us spend the night in one of their rooms in return for a review so watch out for some gorgeous pictures of amazing cakes and comfy beds.

Talking of pictures I had better make sure I charge the batteries on my camera because the last thing I want to be doing tomorrow is buying batteries at the train station or even worse in London. I am sure they could easily bankrupt me. Mind you I reckon writing this has provided me with enough to buy at least 10 sets of batteries or maybe even another battery charger and rechargeable batteries so that I can use one set whilst charging the other.

All I have to figure out now is what else I need to take with me for one night away from home. I reckon it will look like I am moving house by the time I get to the end of my list.