George Foreman Grill and Melt


When I wrote about attending the George Foreman event a couple of weeks ago I was very excited to start cooking and believe me my excitement  is still here a few weeks later.

The George Foreman can be used for every day grill cooked items like these burgers (but don’t they look so much nicer with stripes?). It can also be used to cook other foods.


I have been experimenting with my George Foreman over the past few weeks but I kept forgetting to take photos but I did remember when I cooked Corn on the cob because it looked so delicious.

Being on a diet means I am on a restricted diet but with George by my side I am able to cook up some fantastic food. I have set myself a little challenge and apart from my microwave and Kettle I will only use my George Foreman Grill and Melt to cook for myself over the next week.

Here is my meal plan


Toasted Bagel with Bacon and cream cheese
Cheese on toast
Beans on toast
Full breakfast – bacon, sausage, scrambled egg, beans, mushrooms and tomato
Marmite on toast
Fruit Salad and Yogurt


Mug Shot
Pilchards on Toast
Sausage sandwich
Panini with Ham, onion and cheese
Tuna Melt Ciabatta
Caesar Salad with grilled Chicken and Bacon
Ham Salad filled Pittas with Halloumi


Salmon and Roasted (griddled) Vegetables
Hunters Chicken with Instant Mash and Salad
Burger, Potato Waffles and Beans
Kofta Kebabs and Couscous
Chicken wrapped in Bacon stuffed with Cheese with steamed veg
Pork, Pineapple and Vegetable wraps
Tuna Steaks with Salad and steamed new potatoes.

I was also thinking of doing some desserts on the George Foreman as well and I think grilled Banana or grilled Pineapple would be really tasty and it would be healthy too.

With my George by my side I will lose more weight and still eat gorgeous tasting food.

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