Check out the new Bacofoil® Elasti-Fit® Bin Liners #AD

I really dislike housework, luckily for me, I married a man who is happy to get his hands dirty and do the cleaning. I do pitch in occasionally but if there is one job that I hate more than anything else then it is emptying the bin. We seem to fill the bin to the top every day and both of my girls feel that they can just keep adding more rubbish even if the bag is full so the bags end up slipping into the bin making the whole task rather disgusting. I was recently contacted by Bacofoil® to see if I wanted to put their new Elasti-Fit® Bin Liners to the test.

picture of Elasti-fit® bags in their packets

Bacofoil® Elasti-Fit® Bin Liners have a special built-in elastic fastening system that fixes securely and tightly around the top of the bin to stop any slipping which prevents an unwanted mess. The Elasti-Fit® bin Liners have a triple layer thickness which also helps to prevent any leaks and the bags are sealed at the side of the bag, rather than the bottom, which helps to prevent the bag from splitting under the weight of rubbish. I have to say that I have never been so excited by a bin liner but these might actually be life-changing well as far as a bin liner can change your life anyway.

Showing one Elasti-fit® bag still folded

There are quite a few jobs that I dislike doing around the house, cleaning the toilets, scrubbing the shower but thankfully now thanks to the Bacofoil® Elasti-Fit® Bin Liners I don’t have to put off emptying the bin. Now if only I can get the girls to start emptying the bin as well.

Elasti-fit® bags in packets balanced on the top of a copper bin with one bag in the bin

As much as I can describe how awesome I think these bags are and how well these work it is hard to imagine the Bacofoil® Elasti-Fit® Bin Liners in action so check out this video to see how the elastic fastening system works.

What do you think of the new Bacofoil® Elasti-Fit® bin Liners? Do you like the way they fit on the bin?

Bacofoil® Elasti-Fit® Bin Liners are available in 12 x 30L from selected Nisa stores and 10 x 50L versions, available from Tesco and other good retailers with an RRP of £2.49.