Netflix – keeping our summer sane


I so wish that the internet in our house was a lot faster.  That way we could all watch our favourite shows in different rooms at the same time.  Having Netflix over the summer holidays though has been a blessing in disguise.  You know when you watch TV with your children and you get annoyed by the constant stream of adverts for toys and life insurance, well using Netflix to entertain the kids means that we don’t have to put up with those annoyances.

Honestly though we’ve travelled quite a lot over the last few weeks and being able to log on to our Netflix account, wherever we are that has an internet connection, whether it be the reception of a hotel or my mum’s house down south, we’ve loved the ability to let the kids watch their favourite programs on our laptop or tablets.

Hubby was extremely pleased to find one of his all-time favourite programs on Netflix (The Long Way Round) over the bank holiday weekend.  After getting his fill of Sunday roast, he monged out in front of the TV watching the entire series.  He’s hoping that next weekend he will get the chance to watch the second series (The Long Way Down), however, I don’t think he realises that we’re away on holiday again!