Moshi Monsters Series 11 Countdown day 12

We are on the look out for cuddly moshlings today but I don’t think I want to be cuddling …


Name and Species

Snuggy the Cuddly Wibble

Personality: Warm, playful, loyal.

Mini Bio

Cuddly Wibbles are ultra cute and super snuggly but they are also surprisingly shocking – literally, because the fluffy purple onesies they wear are charged with static electricity which they use to power the mini heaters in their bobble hats and charge up their phones.

Habitat: Cuddly Wibbles congregate in Tribbledown, a small hamlet past the Puzzle Palace, but they can also be found napping in sock drawers.

Likes: Fluffy Snugglers and hotel slippers.

Dislikes: Sunbathing and dyed beards.

Come back tomorrow to find out who this is.