Negotiation tips

A couple of weeks ago I went to Manchester to attend the We Buy any Car Negotiation Academy. I have to say I was a bit skeptical, I love a good bargain and have always been told I have the gift of the gab but just how much further could I take it.

As a blogger I speak to lots of people on a day to day basis and I believe I have the ability to negotiate by email quite well yet when I meet them in person or speak over the phone I always get a much better reaction. Listening to Dr Sandi Mann’s top ten tips to haggle with confidence really got me thinking.

Ask: What have you got to lose? Being told No doesn’t hurt anyone.
Prepare: Focus your mind on what you want to achieve, how much are you really willing to pay and go in lower. Know why you want to negotiate.
Be Aware: Avoid being lured into ploys like limited availability offers. These are rarely genuine. Think of th3 Sofa stores with th3 constant sale.
Body Language: Your body language can tell a lot about how you are feeling from how you sit to how your arms are positioned. Try to relax and don’t close yourself off.
Confident Language: Avoid powerless or hesitant language and you positives instead of negatives. Asking “can you?” instead of “can’t you?”
Make Friends: By being open and friendly and talking to them about everyday stuff can make them relax and more open to doing a deal in your favour.
Good cop, Bad cop: Shopping with a friend or partner can often help reduce the price as one points out the flaws whilst the others enthusiasm can reassure the retailer that you are genuinely interested. They will be more like to lower the price to secure the sale.
Mirroring: Gain using body language you can mirror someones stance, hand movements etc and they will subconsciously feel more empathy towards you
Don’t over argue: too many explainations can have a negative effect, keep it simple.
The power of silence: Ever sat with someone mid conversation in complete silence? People feel the need to fill the gap, give them your offer and then wait.

I knew a few of those tips but I certainly learnt a lot and when I was at the Toy Fair last week I put them into practice. It was fun speaking to lots of new people and seeing how my body language and mirroring made a difference. Leaving gaps of silence also worked wonders as did positive language. Those of you coming to Blog On will benefit from my negotiations as you delve into your goody bags at the end of the day.

The best thing about the academy…….
It wasn’t so good on my diet though!