Sky Dancers


Sometimes the best toys are the simplest and that certainly seems to be the truth with the Sky Dancers from Character Options. A toy that requires no batteries is always a blessing and being able to take it straight out of the box and play with it keeps the girls happy.

We received Jasmine from the Sky Dancers range. She is a hard molded plastic doll with foam pads attached to her hands. She has hair and a small fabric skirt. Elizabeth has really enjoyed playing with Jasmine’s hair so it no longer looks as neat as it does in this photo but it is great to have that additional play element. The only moving parts on Jasmine are her arms which flap up to help her fly.

Jasmine sits in her base very easily and neither of the girls had trouble placing her ready to fly which makes my life easier as it means I am not constantly doing this for them. The base is molded plastic shaped to look like a flower. Jasmine’s base looks like a yellow rose although the different characters bases vary in colour and shape. The handle is thick and allows the girls to get a good grip which they need for when they pull the cord.

The cord is attached to a plastic creature, in our case a blue butterfly. This is the only part of the Sky dancer that I don’t like. The shape of the butterfly looks great but it is not easy to hold and you really need to be able to grab it well to launch the Sky Dancer.  The girls dont seem to have a problem though so it could just be my big hands that get in the way.

Once you get the hang of pulling the cord you just need to pull it fast all the way to the end. This launches the Sky Dancer into the air for a few seconds before she falls to the floor. You really do need to make sure that the area around you in clear when you do this to prevent breakages and make sure there is no one around to get hurt by a falling fairy.

Both Elizabeth and Alison have enjoyed playing with Jasmine our Sky Dancer and it is good to see them getting some exercise without realising it. The great thing about the Sky Dancers is that because there are no batteries involved you should be able to fly her outdoors in the nice weather too.