Neal’s Yard – more than just potions and lotions

Last week saw me extremely busy with different press events including Wednesday which saw me split my day between a BarBurrito Masterclass for Breakfast and Neals Yard Remedies in the evening.

I almost didn’t go. I am not the pampering type and I never use lotions and potions on my skin. That’s more of Hubby’s type of thing than mine.

However Blog On was looming and some friends were going along so I decided I needed the day off from my laptop and to do list and made the most of it.

Neals Yard Remedies certainly know how to look after bloggers and the wine was flowing and the chocolate cakes were being scoffed. There was a chance to browse the store, talk to the staff and best of all get pampered.

All of teh bloggers were offered a mini treatment including massages, manicures and facials, even a natural facelift! I was as cynical as you can imagine so after I enjoyed being beaten black and blue by the Masseuse I talked myself into a facelift.

The lady who did it was called Rachel from In Harmony Therapies she didn’t use any product and was just using her fingers and hands.  

This photo was taken half way through. She had only done one side of my face. Can you tell which side?

Straight away I noticed the difference between the bags under my eyes and my cheek seemed tighter. All this just with her fingers and in less than 10 minutes. I can only imagine what she can do in an hour.

Neals Yard Remedies changed my perception of their products. It isn’t just beautifying products that they sell, they also sell some amazing room fragrances, fresh herbs and more. They even have a mum and baby range.

I didn’t even know they offered treatments in store but now I do there is no need to wait for the next Butlins holiday before I escape for a massage I can do it in the comfort of my own city.