Stickems – my new best friend

I absolutely hate finger prints or dirty marks on my screen. The worst is my phone. If I am wearing makeup them I end up with a greasy residual on my screen that makes my skin crawl. Its horrid. I need a clean screen at all times. In fact I need all my screens to be clean at all times.

Now it is a possibility thanks to Stickems
Stickems come in different sizes suitable for phones, tablets and laptops and have some amazing designs on them including the ones above. They also have Mr Men and Little Miss and Hello Kitty to name a few.

The great thing about stickems is that they stick using static so no messy residue left behind. They are easy to clean under cold water and once dry they stick back on perfectly. Believe me I have tried as it sounded too good to be true.

In fact I love this product so much that I asked to include them in the Blog On goody bags so everyone who comes gets a small phone sized Stickem of their very own. There is no higher compliment!

check out the designs at and look in the sale section too as there are some great ones going cheap as well!