My project is nearly finished

Over the past month I have been on a mission. I have been doing lots of paid writing so I could afford to turn my garden into the perfect place to spend the summer days.

The first thing I did was got rid of all of the really babyish toys that we had in the garden including our run down play house and the smaller bikes.

I got the gardener to come in and do some tidying up for me and pull out the weeds and then spent Saturday building garden furniture.

The swing seat was a great investment and I can imagine spending many a day sat there with the laptop on my knees or my kindle in my hand whilst the kids are at school.
The swing set at the end of the garden is amazing but it was really annoying to put up especially when doing most of it by yourself. There is only one area of our garden that I am not happy with yet so I want your advice. I was thinking of having a patio set in the area below or should I just leave it for the kids to play on? We have lots of fold up chairs in storage anyway so we are not lacking seating when we have guests.

What would you do with this space?