For Better or Worse

I know that I am not very affectionate or romantic so when I received an email about a new app, developed for Osbornes Solicitors, I was slightly intrigued.

The app is supposed to remind you and your special someone about memories or moments that you have spent together. You have to answer 10 questions and then send those onto your special someone for them to answer about you too. The plan is to have the same answers at the end but with questions like

  • What were you wearing on your first date?
  • Where did you have your first kiss?
  • What were the first words you said to each other?
I am sure we would just end up disagreeing and arguing.

I did love some of the questions though and as long as I chose the ten questions carefully we could hopefully reminisce about happier times and maybe rekindle the spark that seems to have fizzled more and more each year of parenthood.

So how well do you know your partner? and how well do they know you?

Do you know their favourite song? film? or restaurant? What is the thing they love most about you? So many questions and so many memories. Why not have a go and see how well you know each other.

You can find out more about the For Better or Worse app on Osbornes Solicitors LLP website. I was paid to feature this information.