My little star

I have been seeing the posters around the day case unit for a while now about the Cancer Research little star awards but I never really thought anything off it. However one day I decided to have a look. The program gives a little boost to children who have been diagnosed with cancer. The children each get an award and a certificate and some children also receive a £50 voucher for TK Maxx. I decided to apply and we were really happy when we received our parcel.

Not only was there a certificate and award for Elizabeth but there was also a certificate and a teddy for Alison as a sibling of a child with Cancer. Elizabeth also received the £50 voucher which she couldn’t wait to spend. It was such a heartwarming moment to see her with her award, I explained why she got it and how proud I was of her and she had tears in her eyes as she said that she was proud of herself too. By some good fortune it had arrived on the worst day of the month for her, it arrived on Vincristine day when she has to have chemotherapy into her veins. She hates this day more than any other so it was a very nice way of saying it is all worthwhile.

We went to TK Maxx that afternoon and apart from a small treat for herself and Alison she spent the remainder of the money buying Christmas Presents for her grandparents. That just made me proud of her even more!

Elizabeth has always been a little star in my eyes but now she has a trophy and certificate to prove it too!