Getting help with difficult will dispute situations

Losing a close friend or family member will no doubt be a tragic time for you, and one which will take a long time to get to grips with. This can be made even more difficult to deal with if there is some form of will dispute as well, and this is an awful thing to have to go through. Unfortunately, though it is not uncommon, and if you ever find yourself in this situation then it is important that you know where to turn, as this can make the process a little bit more manageable.

There are solicitors that specialise in resolving will disputes, and this is where you should turn as they will have access to expert mediators and barristers, as well as ATE (after the event) insurers, and they can supply you with costs and disbursements protection. One of the main reasons that there may be a dispute following the death of someone is that the validity of the will comes into question, as sometimes they can be invalid. In order for a will to be valid it must be signed by the person making the will, and this has to be done in front of two witnesses. These witnesses must then sign the will too, in front of the person who made it, and if either of these did not happen then the will is invalid. As well as this, the person who makes the will must have the mental capacity to be able to do so, and this means that they will need to understand what their estate is, and who they are leaving what to, and this again is something that often causes a dispute and can lead to an invalid will.

Finding Solicitors that can Help

It is hoped that you won’t find yourself in this awful situation, but if you do then make sure you turn to trusted and established solicitors. Many solicitors that deal with will disputes, like Willclaim Solicitors, will also offer their client a ‘no win, no fee’ service, as having to pay without anything to show for it will only make the experience that much worse. It is not a nice situation whatever happens, but with the right solicitors doing the difficult work for you it means that you should be able to focus on getting through the difficult grieving process, and this would be made a lot harder with no support in fighting the will dispute.