My goals for 2015

I almost wasn’t going to write this post but I got thinking and if I don’t give voice to my goals then I might give up and not bother. So here are my goals for 2015.

1) To get fit, slim down and sleep more
These may seem like three separate things but I think they are all connected. If I exercise more, I sleep better, if I sleep better I feel more able to control my cravings and therefore I eat better. If I do all three I will succeed at this.

2) To organise myself
I have started as I mean to go on this morning and I have organised all of my notebooks. I have my to do list and a plan. I will be setting a schedule for myself like I would have if I was in a work place. 

3) To spend more time with my kids rather than just in the same room
By putting a schedule in place I hope to be able to spend more time being present with my kids. I was to walk home from school with them and hear what they had for lunch and not check my phone. I want to be able to sit and do their homework with them without looking longingly at my computer or my to do list.

4) To say no more
If I said no more I would have more time to really make a difference to our life. I need to think clearly about