New Year – looking forward and smiling back

So today is the end of 2014. I actually can’t believe that it is over. We have done so many amazing things this year more than I ever thought possible when I waved goodbye to 2013 this time last year. 

We have been on trips around the world from our trip to Turkey with Mark Warner, our first ever villa holiday in Lanzarote with James Villas to my amazing adventure with Alison to Florida where we interviewed movie stars including Morgan Freeman and got to meet the inspirational dolphin called Winter.

We haven’t just explored the world, we have spent a long time exploring the UK too. We glamped for the first time in York, we drove to the highlands of Scotland for an amazing childrens activity centre and we headed to the oldest all inclusive resort in the UK over in Great Yarmouth. 

In fact it seems we didn’t spend many nights at home in 2014 or many days for that matter because we were always out exploring on fun family days out to theme parks, festivals or eating out at restaurants. 

2014 was also the year that we waved goodbye to Cancer and celebrated Elizabeth finishing treatment with a family trip to Disneyland Paris. 

Now I know I am ending 2014 only a few pounds lighter than I started it but we have had some unbelievable opportunities to eat some incredible food from a Christmas dinner burger to so many foreign delights that my waistline may not be thanking me but my taste buds were. 

2014 has been an awesome year and yet what will 2015 bring?

2015 already looks to be bigger and better than before. Blog On has expanded to Cardiff with more exciting news coming soon and my travel plans are already stretching across the Atlantic, the channel and the mediterranean