Moshi Monsters Series 11 Countdown day 9

Its all feeling very regal here today as we introduce …

King Brian(Ultra Rare)

Name and Species

King Brian the Dandy Lion

Personality: Regal, snooty, deluded.

Mini Bio

Take a bow because Dandy Lions are convinced they are descendants of Emperor Meow, the legendary Regal Roarer who once ruled over the Barmy Swami Jungle. But they’re not. They’re just silly little Moshlings who enjoy wearing Twistmas cracker crowns and waving at passers by. All hail!

Habitat: Some Dandy Lions make ends meet by performing at Fopkin Circus but most hang out on cardboard thrones in the Barmy Swami Jungle.

Likes: Shaking paws and tinfoil medals.

Dislikes: Press intrusion and commoners.

Come back tomorrow to find out who this is…