Moshi Monsters Series 11 Countdown Day 10

Day ten and that means only 6 more days before you can get your hands on the series 11 moshlings. Here is todays moshling.


Name and Species

Lips the Duck-Billed Brattypus

Personality: Raucous, stroppy, radical.

Mini Bio

Never seen without their skateboards, Duck-Billed Brattypuses can travel at incredible speeds using their tails as makeshift propellers. And that’s just as well because these daring little Moshlings love setting up ramps and performing sick tricks. Sometimes they even upload videos of themselves hitting the sidewalk beak-first to GooTube. Ouch!

Habitat: Head to the nearest abandoned swimming pool and you’ll probably find a Duck-Billed Brattypus pulling off a crazy tail grab. Otherwise head to Beak Creek.

Likes: Grip tape and stair rails.

Dislikes: Crazy paving and Bonkers Whizzlings.