Moshi Monsters Series 11 Countdown day 6

So my brain is slightly scrambled from all these moshlings but it gives me great pleasure to introduce the super cute….


Name and Species

Benedict the Broken Booble

Personality: Panicky, disorganised, frazzled.

Mini Bio

Broken Boobles just about manage to hold themselves together because they are constantly cracking up. That’s why these eggy Moshlings use colourful ribbons to prevent their fragile heads from falling to bits. Unfortunately their arms are so short they are forever asking passers-by to help tie their bows.

Habitat: Broken Boobles hang out alongside Boiled Boffins in Yellow Middle Meadow, but they also enjoy chilling out in eggcups on Beaster Island.

Likes: Rolling down hills and gift wrapping.

Dislikes: Teaspoons and Potty Pipsqueaks.