Moshi Monsters Series 11 Countdown day 5

Day number four and the fighting has begun between the girls on who has which Moshling. I am quite cruel as I am unveiling them to the girls as I show them to you.

 Fusty (Ultra Rare)

Name and Species

Fusty the Fabled Fungi

Personality: Youthful, mellow, groovy.

Mini Bio

They might be old, wise and beardy but Fabled Fungis are goopendously young at heart. In fact they’re usually too busy raving to bother shaving, and can still dance all night, despite their dodgy knees. Next time you see one, ask about the time Screech McPieHole collapsed on stage at Moshistock. What a story!

Habitat: Fabled Fungis come from Friendly Tree Woods but you’ll often find them zoning out at Moshi music festivals.

Likes: Glamping and backstage passes.

Dislikes: Toasted toadstools and squares.