Moshi Monsters Series 11 Countdown day 4

Its day 4 and I am finding moshlings all over my house and the introduction of the series 11 moshlings brings renewed play to our current collection. So without further ado I introduce….


Name and Species

Pizmo the Perky Pixinaut

Personality: Logical, intelligent, pioneering.

Mini Bio

Experts believe Perky Pixinauts first arrived in the world of Moshi on a magical asteroid that smashed into the area we now know as Copperfield Canyon. But that was ages ago because these ultra-intelligent Moshlings now lecture at various Moshiversities, where they teach students how to make bottle rockets, tinfoil spaceships and cardboard craters.

Habitat: Tricky to say because Perky Pixinauts can beam themselves anywhere by squeezing their head-mounted transporter bobbles.

Likes: Time warps and stargazing.

Dislikes: Gravity and slack holes.