Moshi Monsters Series 11 Countdown Day 14

The moshling I am revealing today has me feeling quite hungry although I doubt I would trust him to cook me dinner. Introducing…


Name and Species

Casey the Croaky Cook

Personality: Pretentious, talented, nitpicky.

Mini Bio

Croaky Cooks spend so much time shouting they can barely speak, let alone croak. But yelling is essential when you’re in charge of a bustling kitchen, and these masterful Moshlings create some of the finest meals in Monstro City, including the legendary Casserole au Croak, topped with a single strand of the finest Oobla Doobla in the land!

Habitat: When they are not preparing feasts in places like the Sandy Drain Hotel, Croaky Cooks compare recipes in Lillypad Lake and Croak Creek.

Likes: Moshlings who shout ‘Yes, Chef!’ and egg whisks.

Dislikes: Dirty surfaces and frozen food.