The Happys – Sport

The Happys are interactive, faithful and furry friends who play with their owner using Infrared Technology. The Pets follow their Happy Treat towards their owner and perform tricks. There are four different treats available that each produce a different trick from the Happy’s. The pets have a range of movements. They can spin, explore & even do a silly dance to music. Each pet has over 25 sounds.

They are made of soft, high-quality plush fabric and they all feed different. There are 3 adorable puppies & 1 cuddly kitten in the range and they each have different personalities.

We were sent Sport who comes with a wiggle treat. Chance comes with a pounce treat, Chase comes with the play ball and Mittens comes with a beg treat.

Both girls have enjoyed playing with Sport who rolls around our front room and responds to the infrared treat by following it and performing a trick by wiggling around. I would love to get more treats for Sport so we can see him performing more tricks.