Making munchable masterpieces

There are two things you won’t find very much of on this blog and that is crafts and cooking however with the lead up to Christmas it seems that even I am getting in the mood and I have had a few challenges thrown at me recently that involves food and creativity. The first of these challenges came from Abra-ca-Debora pancakes. Using a hamper of ingredients, Abra-ca-Debora pancakes and some imagination I had to recreate some famous masterpieces that are good enough to eat.

Abra-ca-Debora have already made a few which are displayed on their facebook page but I had to come up with something different and I turned to the classic artists for inspiration.

The Scream

This Choconut creation used flaked almonds, peanut butter, nutella and some chocolate orange segments to create a delicious snack that didn’t last long.


Unfortunately I didn’t have anything suitable for the green stems but this pancake was made using the Abra-ca-Debora mini pancakes for the flowers, peanut butter vase with nutella outline and a sprinkling of orange zest to represent the petals on the sunflowers.

Starry night

A chocolate christmas, this adaptation of the starry night used a cranberry mincemeat from Waitrose as the water and silver balls as the stars. When eating I did actually remove the silver balls as they are not my favourite thing but I thought they looked perfect.

I decided that although the classics were good the kids would definitely prefer this character to the pancakes above.