Making life easier

What is it about this time of year that always seems to increase everyones stress levels? Is it the need to find the perfect gift? The realisation that your dinner will never be the perfect one you see in films and adverts or the constant jingling of Christmas music?

Earlier today I saw a facebook status that asked what would make life easier in the run up to Christmas? Would it be more money as one response asked or maybe just to cancel Christmas all together which was my very negative answer. With the weather turning colder (although no snow as yet despite weather man warnings) and the mornings staying dark for longer it is getting harder and harder to pry myself out of my bed to do the school run. I am glad that school finishes this week as the girls don’t want to get up and I could really do with a lazy pyjama day.

However Christmas is definitely not a lazy time for us and with a few days in Butlins planned before Christmas with family we wont be sleeping in our own beds for 11 nights!

What would really make my life easier in the run up to Christmas would be a teleportation device. Some Floo powder or a port key would work just as well. Anything to keep my car from getting stuck in traffic on the winter roads. Talking about fancy devices how about a wrapping device? Something that can take all the bags of presents from my wardrobe and turn them into the masterpieces you see wrapped under the Christmas tree on all these fancy films.

Maybe something like that isn’t that far away, I mean technology is improving all the time and as I can now watch a film instantly on my Kindle Fire HDX using LoveFilm, a car that tells me when I need to change gear and a toy that acts like a real puppy then maybe my perfect wrapping machine is not such a distant dream.

If it isn’t the latest technology helping us in our day to day life then it is definitely the newest apps. With ones that make doing my food shopping easier to being able to access my online banking with a few little touches my life is made more convenient with my smart phone in my hand. Fancy Apps are not all about convenience but saving money too from cash back apps like topcashback to ones that save you money like the heat control app from and you can even get a video from Santa on your phone to make the kids behave better from the Portable North Pole.

In answer to the facebook status I saw earlier, what would make my life easier in the run up to Christmas would be to allow technology to do more for me and to relax. Christmas is not about being perfect but is about being together.
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