Telestrations is another game that required us to have a more grown up audience to play with. Unfortunately the girls limited reading and writing skills would have made it quite hard to play this with them.

Each player starts off with a pad and a pen. The dice is rolled and you have to write the word selected by your dice onto the pad. You then need to draw a picture that represents that word within the time set by the sand timer. When the time runs out you have to pass your drawing to the next player and receive a new pad in its place. Look at the picture and on the next page write the word you think that picture represents. Once you have guessed you pass the pad again and the sketching continues. This continues until you have got to the last page in the pads.

Telestrations is like Chinese whispers using drawings and the results can be quite funny. It is a great game for getting everyone (who can read and write) involved, it can even get those family members who dont normally join in interested in taking part.

This is the sort of game that you could make at home with a few pens and some pads but the quality
of the components in the telestrations pack far outweigh the price you will pay and I was really impressed by all of the items in the box.

The word cards contain a variety of different words and are double sided to provide even more fun.
On some cards you have the option of making up your own words too which can add to the hilarity.

We all really enjoyed playing this game and it is one that will be used for many parties to come.

Telestrations contains eight erasable sketchbooks and markers, a die, a sand-timer and 2,400 words to choose from