What to Look for in a Mattress Company

Purchasing a mattress is a serious affair. It is something that will stay with you for a long time, even up to 20 years! What makes getting the perfect mattress an even trickier task is the fact that the market is flooded numerous brands. Getting the most suitable one isn’t just about brand, there are a lot of factors that you’ll need to consider, for instance, which brand offers one that suits your sleeping position, price, customer service, reviews made online and warranty, among others. When you choose a highest quality firm mattress from one brand, despite another one having a bed with similar specifications, you can be sure sleeping on the two will have different results. This is from my personal experience. Therefore, what do you need to look for in a mattress company?

What’s Their Online Rating?

Even though the online world is filled with lots of misguided information, some sites have retained their credibility. I found my the best mattress in Canada, all I did was visit legit sites that gave genuine unbiased reviews. The people who write these reviews have done all the research for you, and all that you’ll need to do is identify the one that one that works for you.

How can you find these reviews?

  • Google it! Google is a great resource, it gives you information that you may require on any brand.
  • Sites dedicated to making mattress reviews.

It’s good to have beforehand information on a brand before going to their stores. It will save you a lot of time.

Why Are You Interested in a Particular Mattress?

I find buying a mattress similar to buying clothing. It has to be a perfect fit for me and my preferences. Therefore, while buying a mattress, it will be essential to find the one that compliments your sleeping style and other needs.

Every brand is dedicated to making a specific mattress. For instance: Brands that are dedicated to making mattresses for people with back problems or couples, or side sleepers. Whatever your preferences, be sure to find a brand that will deliver according to what suits you. We as human beings differ in so many ways, therefore, don’t go buying a brand that worked for someone else, find the one that will work for you.


Price is among the factors that distinguish brands. However, we must be careful not to buy a ‘brand name.’ A brand offering prices that are too good to be true is a brand I suggest you stay away from. Chances are the mattress will be uncomfortable and not durable. Of course, it will also lead to a long list of health complications such as back pains. From my experience, a brand with prices that starts from $600 and above is worth checking out. They offer comfort and durability.

Price also depends on you. How much are you willing to spend on a mattress that you’ll be sleeping on every single night? The price factor is a ‘you and brand’ issue; you’ll need to find a balance and go for a brand that works for your pocket.

Warranty and Return Policy

What if you bought a mattress and you didn’t find it comfortable or it develops a problem? A lot of us are forced to stay with such mattresses, but you don’t have to. A good brand offers its customers a warranty and return policy. Some warranties can go up to 20 years – that tells you something about the brand quality, though it’s not a guarantee that the mattress itself will last that long.

Generally, the quality of the customer service of a particular brand speaks volumes about their mattresses.

Getting the correct mattress for you starts with identifying the right brand. Therefore, consider the factors cited above to find your brand.